April 30, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny, with rain in the evening

Today was a good day, but I never left the apartment!  
I got up in the morning, watched Ghost Whisperer and had breakfast.  I did some computer stuff and just generally faffed around.  F invited me for lunch, but I turned him down as I knew I had to get to work.  Oh, I did do a couple of loads of laundry.  

In the afternoon, I finally buckled down, turned off the TV and finished writing my column. I'm fairly happy with it and am optimistic about it this time.  I hope it goes over well.  

F came home on time tonight.  I was doing the dishes when he came home, so I finished them, and then started to get ready to cook dinner.  Tonight we had fresh pasta with a bottled 4 cheese sauce, chicken fingers, and salad.  It was all quite nice, except I wasn't sure about the pasta sauce. It wasn't my usual brand and it wasn't as good.

F did the dishes.  We were supposed to go to my school but didn't, so I didn't leave the apartment.  We watched a bit of a movie, and then I watched Burn Notice and Criminal Minds.  It's on 4 times on Tuesday, which is just too much for all that violence! I watched it twice tonight.

That was it.  F is taking tomorrow off so he can go to a skin doctor.  He's been having a bit of trouble for a while and needs to see someone about his problem.  We just hope the doctor is open tomorrow.  I'm done!  Tomorrow no plans, and I'm kind of happy that way.  Night!

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