May 11, 2013

Saturday - Rainy

A good, but sleepy day!

I got up this morning at an early time, and watched Martha Bakes.  I hate Martha Stewart!  She was making pastry today and she recommended that we make pastry in "a food processor".  Huh?  I used to make pastry in a bowl, by hand, on the farm, and it was darn good!  Many moons ago though.

I showered and settled in for a little bit of The Gilmore Girls.  It was great, and I got to do a bit of hooky at the same time.  After the show, I was overcome by a wave of tiredness and went to take a mini-nap for 15 minutes.  I woke up over an hour later.  Yikes.  

F and I went out for lunch today to Patio in the mall.  I had the lunch special which was really nice, F had ramen which he actually liked!  He didn't complain about it. I was amazed.  We  did a spot of shopping in the mall, but I started to have stomach problems.  Nothing major besides a bit of pain and a bad feeling. 

We left the mall, had a quick cup of tea or coffee at Mr. Donut then headed towards our apartment.  F needed to pick something up.  We went to my school and started to get set up for a meeting.  The lady came at 4 pm and we had a nice get together.  She brought her daughter with her, she was about 2 or 3 and was crying her eyes out.  She cried for about an hour.  She was inconsolable.  Anyway, the woman had done some sewing for me.   She did fabulous work. We paid her, had some tea and cake and then she left.  Her daughter had finally cheered up a little by then!

After that, I cleaned up in the school by doing dishes, then came home.  F drove off to visit his mum.  

When he came back, I ended up taking another nap.  This time, I didn't wake up for two hours.  Yikes!  We went out for dinner.  Because I was still having stomach problems, we went to F's fish restaurant.  I had a grilled fish set.  It was trout, and was nice.  

After we came home.  I did a little more crochet during CSI and then went back to my computer.  That's about it for my day. It's now way, way late and F and I are still up.  It'll be light soon! I have to go catch some zzzz's.  Night.

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