May 12, 2013

Sunday - Sunny and warm!  

A good day.  I overslept this morning, but I didn't care that much!  F had gotten up, taken out the bread and gone to his mother's house by the time I was out of bed this morning.  

We went out for lunch to Grado today.  I had a sparerib in a sweet chilli red wine sauce. It was very tender, and delicious.  F had fish and said that he liked what he ate too. Yay.

After lunch we ran a few errands.  We finally got more ink for our fax machine and picked up a few things at the drug store.  After that, we came home for a few minutes.  I put on sunscreen, grabbed a hat and my flask full of cold water, and off we went.  

F wanted to go to Ikoinomura, a park near Tsuruoka that is famous for tulips.  We missed the peak season, but they were so gorgeous that it didn't matter.  I took lots of pictures, so have a look at them.  Click on them to see them bigger.

On the way back into Tsuruoka, we stopped for gelato at the Tomato Farm shop.  I had hazelnut and chocolate, F had pistachio and chocolate.  Yummo.  After that, F got some gas when we arrived back in our city and then F suggested going to the Internet Cafe.  I said sure!  

We went and spent a few hours in the massaging chairs.  It is heavenly.  I spent my time watching clips from the Ellen show on YouTube! It was quite fun for most of it, although I did watch some of the serious stuff from when she first came out. Both F and I had a bite when we were there.

When we'd had enough, we had a quick nosh at Yoshinoya and then bought a few groceries at the store.  I'm going to make omelettes for dinner tomorrow night.  I suggested that I do that for a change.  I'd like to get in the habit of making simpler meals rather than Meals.  I make things too fancy sometimes.  

Anyway we came home and I watched a bit of TV and let F watch a bit too!  I'm sure he thinks he doesn't get enough, but I think he gets too much J-TV!  

So that was my day. It was rather nice.  The flowers were amazing and I'm glad that we went to see them.  Got to go. Night!

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