May 14, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny and warm

A good day.

I woke F up last night long enough to get him to change into his pyjamas and go back to bed. Of course, he was all chatty when he woke up and I wanted to get to sleep, but eventually I did.  

I got up this morning and had a lovely quiet time.  I had breakfast, toast and yogurt, then read the paper.  At 12 F phoned and asked if I'd like a bento. I said no thanks, as there was leftover food from last night's dinner.  He came home without a bento for himself and ate all the food.  Except the salad.  Nice.  He has no idea that I was planning to eat the leftovers from last night.  

After he left I watched Heartland (finally, an episode I hadn't seen!) and then took a mini nap.  I was back at my computer, about to shut it down to make my lunch, when F came back again.  Does this man not work??? After he left I got busy. I made some lunch for myself, just instant pasta with sauce, then did the dishes.  I left the apartment around 3:30.  

I made good time on my bike and got to the school well before 4.  I opened up, and actually had to run the air conditioner on dry a little.  It was hot and stale in there.  It cooled down and I changed and got ready for my class.  

My student called to cancel. I was quite disappointed, but I know how busy she is.  I had a cup of tea, read some of my magazine and then did a little bit of sorting out.  I threw out a bunch of junk from a drawer.  Yay me.

I decided to call F and see if he'd come and get me or if I should come home.  We decided I'd bike home, so I did.  It was a lovely night to be out and about.

We had dinner at Cocos and had almost the same thing, chicken.  Mine was with basil sauce, his was with garlic shoyu.  We ate, had our drink bar, and then went off to the grocery store.  We got groceries for tomorrow's dinner. I'm going to do a stir-fry, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time doing veggie prep. Most of what I got is pre-cut up. Yay me.  

When we came home, F decided not to get out just yet and took us for a little drive.  We ended up going to McDonalds for ice cream, which we got as take out.  We came home and ate. I watched a bit of TV and did some crochet, F took his bath and went to bed finally.  

And that's about it for me.  I wrote a couple of postcards tonight, and maybe I'll be able to write a couple tomorrow too.  I hope to go out and get my hair trimmed either tomorrow or Thursday, but who knows?  Will I? Night.

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Shonan LOvE said...

Are you planning on publishing your web diary going back all those years as a book, at all?

Personally, yours is the only Japan blog I read anymore. There's a consistency there...even if it's mundane. I can't explain it well after all. I like reading your stuff.

If it was a book, I'd for sure take it on a flight.

Memories, huh?