May 15, 2013

Wednesday - Sunny and warm, with a bit of rain in the middle

A good day.  I woke up at 8 am as I was afraid that the takkyubin guy would arrive and find me in my pj's. I got up, got dressed and went back to sleep.  Evil, but it worked!  I handed over my big box o'shoes when the man came and then stayed up.

I had some lovely French Bread that F had made last night. It was my breakfast, and also my lunch! F did call at 11:20 and asked me to have lunch with him but I said no.  Instead I stayed home and did an insane amount of laundry and even hung up some of the dry stuff!  

I wrote a couple more Postcrossing cards and then scanned them in the afternoon.  I decided to send a Gotochi card to one of the people too, just because.  I ran them off to the post office around 5 pm.  

F came home around 6 tonight and after a few minutes I started working on dinner.  Despite my vow of making a simpler stir-fry, it was still a bit of work.  Oh well.  After I finished cooking it, it was good.  

F and I enjoyed dinner, although he had a visit from the insurance lady during our meal.  Their timing sucks.  

F watched a lot of really bad TV and then I watched a bit.  I like to think mine is better, but I'm sure that it isn't.  

He went to bed fairly early tonight.  It was a pretty good day. We received a wedding invitation in the mail.  I'm hoping to go, but F says that he can't make it.  It's in Canada, and I know it would be hard for him to get the time off.  

Anyway, that's about it for me for tonight.  Tomorrow, I might start packing or doing some printing for my trip next week.  Wish me luck with it please!  Night.

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