May 16, 2013

Thursday - Cloudy but warm

An okay day.

I planned to go out today, but didn't during the day.  I got up, did my usual things except I held off my shower until quite late.  I had breakfast and then F called me and asked me out. I said no because I knew he'd be off work on Friday and I didn't need to see him that much.  

I was eating lunch when F showed up with something for me.  Nice, but I didn't really want it.  I had planned to go out, but didn't.  I realized that I had a lot of stuff that needed doing for my trip next week, so I took care of a lot of it.  

When F came home he was grouchy and asking me about what we were going to do tomorrow.  I kept trying to remind him that I had a class to teach in the afternoon.  He wants to take me to a chiropractor but of course hasn't made an appointment.  I asked him if he had and he bit my head off, then made himself some ramen and went to bed.  As we hadn't had dinner yet, that was more than a little annoying.  

I took myself out for dinner tonight.  I'm not going to wait around for him to take me.  It was only Marumatsu, but it was okay.  I had a fairly decent meal and then came home afterwards.  I watched a bunch of TV tonight because I realized that if I didn't watch today's shows, I'd miss them because I have to go to bed early on the night they repeat.  

After a couple of hours of peaceful TV, F got up.  He wasn't bad really.  I tried on my new-new shoes that were redelivered today and they are great!  I'm going to keep both pairs.  Now I should junk some of the other pairs that don't fit very well.  

Anyway, that's it for me.  Tomorrow I hope I have enough patience to put up with F.  I hope that he will have enough patience with me too!  Got to go.  Night!

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