May 17, 2013

Friday - Gorgeous and sunny

An okay day.

I got up when I said I would this morning and took a shower.  We left the apartment just after 10 am.  Woot!  F drove us to the first place on his list but they were all booked up. The second place was presently busy, but invited us back at 11am.  Oh…lucky F.  

Anyway, we went to McDonalds for a drink and then went back to the chiropractor.  For the next 50 minutes I was prodded, pulled and pushed and it felt pretty good.  I've been feeling quite unbalanced since I got so sick last year, and this helped quite a bit. I still have more than a few sore spots though. The chiropractor said that I was quite out of alignment and should go back a couple of times a month.  I'm game, but it is a tad expensive.  It isn't covered by the National health insurance.  

After my session we decided to go and get lunch, but as usual couldn't agree on a place.  I suggested sushi, but F countered with delivery sushi rather than kaitensushi.  So, we did that.  We went home and ordered it.  It was good, except they had put way too much wasabi on it. I had to keep taking the fish off and scraping off the excess wasabi.  And, I like wasabi!  

In the afternoon I got F to drive me to my class.  He had to run some errands too.  I taught my student and we talked about her Italian holiday. It sounds like she loved it!  She brought me back some olive oil soap and some Parmigiano-Reggiano.  I hope I don't confuse the two! 

After a bit of reading I called F and he picked me up.  We came home for a bit, vegged..the usual.  Finally we went to Pacific Airy Heights and had a nice meal.  Well, I did, F complained as usual.  We tried to go to Mr. Donuts after for a drink and snack, but the parking lot was full.  The store was empty.  We ended up at Mosburger and had their new choux-cream mug.  It was okay, not really sweet enough to be a dessert, not really ice-creamy enough to be satisfying.  And now, seeing the website, I realize I ate it all wrong.  How embarrassing!

We came home and spent a fairly good evening at home.  I got F to take some photos of me in my new threads for the convention, but for some reason my camera wasn't co-operating much.  I probably hit the wrong button and then not wearing my glasses just made it all worse.  

Anyway, tonight passed quite well.  Tomorrow I have an afternoon class.  F has to take his mother out to see yet another great-grandchild, but hopefully we'll be able to see a movie in the evening.  That's it for me.  Night.

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