May 18, 2013

Saturday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and showered, then settled in for The Gilmore Girls.  I did some crochet at the same time and got the four small squares joined together.  Now, I just have to go around them a few million times and I'll be done! Woot!

F suggested that we go to Grado for lunch, so that's where we headed to. I had pork and F had fish.  I liked mine, F wasn't so certain about his.  After lunch, he dropped me off at my school.

At my school I got ready for my class and I read the paper.  I was getting ready for my class, when I felt an earthquake.  Yikes!  It wasn't a big one here though.  A few seconds later, my student called to cancel her class.  Something had come up.  Sigh.

I relaxed a little, did paperwork, then some laundry.  I cleared off a shelf in the closet and threw a few old calendars out.  Finally, I called F and asked him to come and get me.  

We headed over to Komagihara for dinner.  I was hoping to have the buffet, but it was booked up tonight.  We went to the other part and had an okay meal.  It wasn't great!  After the meal, we came home for a bit and then started out again. 

We went to the Machi-kine theatre tonight to see Silver Linings Playbook.  We both enjoyed it.  I know it was a bit "Mental Illness-lite" but the acting was good, as was the writing. Jennifer Lawrence is a good actress and I think she'll only get better.  

After the movie we came home and vegged.  I watched my Saturday night TV and F made bread!  We ate most of it already. It was darn good though.  

Not too sure what we'll do tomorrow. I'm hoping to do a little shopping, but who knows?  Catch me tomorrow night and we'll talk.  Night!

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