May 19, 2013

Sunday - cloudy with rain later on

A really, really nice day.

I got up before 12 today, checked email and even made a few phone calls.  Well, I tried to anyway. There wasn't any answer when I called.  I vowed to try again later, then went back to bed for a little.

We went to Patio in the mall for lunch.  F wanted ramen of course and I of course didn't.  He had some, I had pasta, and we were both pleased I think.  

F had wanted to go fishing today, and so we went.  We came home, took a few minutes to get ready and grabbed our rods and drove to Kamo Port.  We found a couple of spots and threw our lines in, but nada!  Hardly any bites at all.  It started to rain around 5:00 so we chucked it all in and left.  

We drove to Mikawa Mall because I wanted to get some new socks for summer.  We picked some out.  I tried on a few shirts and a skirt in the ladies section, but the only thing that fitted just right was a very casual shirt and I have a lot of those.  Well, truth be told, the skirt was fine too, but I so rarely wear them these days that I couldn't think of a good place to wear it to!

We had a drink in Seattle's Best, then drove back to Tsuruoka.  We had a quick and yummy dinner at Kintaro Sushi and then whipped around the grocery store for tomorrow's dinner and some staples.  I vowed to F that I would make bread tonight while I was at the store.

We got home and I spent about an hour talking to people in my woman's group.  We chatted about a lot of different things and I'm really glad I bothered, even though I am not a good phone person.  

And then, I looked for a recipe to adapt and found one.  Tonight I set up the bread maker for Whole Wheat Sunflower Seed Bread, so I really hope it works.  I used up one of my precious sunflower seed packets!

I watched some TV, F took his bath, I did a little crochet (not during his bath!) and I sorted out the gomi for tomorrow.  Whew!  I was busy tonight.  Yay me!

Tomorrow I should get ready for my trip and might if the weather isn't good. If it is, I might go out for a bit in the afternoon.  I haven't been out under my own steam in a while.  Come back tomorrow and find out what happens, if you aren't doing anything else! Night.

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