May 2, 2013

Thursday - Rainy and sunny

A good day, even though I didn't go out all day!

I got up this morning, watched Undercover Boss and then my Ghost Whisperer again.  I had some of F's yummy bread and read a couple of newspapers.  It was a nice relaxing morning.  I even did a small load of laundry.  

I had dressed myself in preparation for going out to the movie, but just as I got ready, another downpour happened and I couldn't face it.  I decided to stay home and do a few Postcrossings.  I wrote 4 cards today, scanned a lot of cards, including my newest Gotochi cards, and then made ready to go out.  Just as I was about to go out…you guessed it, another downpour.  Boo!

 F came home quite late tonight.  He vegged for a while and then I asked him to go and get us a salad for part of dinner.  He went off to the store and I got started on dinner.  I cooked the trout, boiled water for the pasta and even heated the sauce.  He brought us some juice, some lettuce and some pickles.  I was happy about the first two!  

Dinner tonight wasn't bad.  The pasta was just over its expiry date, so I think that made it a bit hard to handle.  the sauce was better tonight with the fish and the salad was nice.  

F did the dishes and we had a quiet night in.  F watched really bad TV for a while, then I made him watch the Bones Season 4 opener.  It was set in London, so I enjoyed it a lot.  I did some of my crochet during the first part of it.  I think my granny square is big enough now. I may darn in the ends and finish my round first though. Yay.

And that was my day.  

We haven't got any plans yet for tomorrow so I'm a little worried, but am hoping things will be fine.  Wish us luck!  Night!


Kelly said...

I just got back from 3 weeks in Japan, and I asked at several post offices in Hokkaido about Gotochi cards and they told me that it was a limited time only and they don't sell them anymore. My hubby who is an ex-postman also asked his friends who work at the post office there and they said the same thing. I was sad that I couldn't pick any up. The closest I could get was the one with the image of the post box itself, but to me it was something I'm used to seeing so I didn't get it.

In fact, in Hokkaido I tried to buy postcards to send home but nowhere seemed to sell them. I thought there might be souvenir shops but there were also none of those. In the end I found some postcards in Aeon of Sakura and Mt Fuji for 149 yen each, and made do with those.

Have you any idea where you go to buy tourist type postcards in Japan usuallly? Just for my future reference. :)

Kelly x

Helen said...

I hate to call the post office workers liars...perhaps they were misinformed, but there are still Gotochi cards! I was in my post office last week and there were a few. Small post offices in rural areas sometimes don't have any or sell out fast and don't replace them.

Here's the URL for the Gotochi cards page . They just released the 5th series of cards...some of the old ones aren't available any more though. Obviously if they are still releasing new series, they aren't stopping them!

I find a lot of touristy postcards at airports...Narita and Haneda sell them in the gift shops but not in security. I've picked them up at museums, highway stations, stores like Tokyu Hands, Loft and good stationary stores. Some places sell boxed sets of get 6 to 8 cards with a theme/place.

Hope this helps!