May 20, 2013

Monday - Muggy and cloudy

A good day.

This morning I got up a little late, but decided to keep to my plan.  I had some of my yummy bread and some yogurt for breakfast (I typed breadfast at first!)

I left the apartment on time and biked over to Machi-kine.  I think I took every wrong turn that I possibly could, but still managed to get there on time.  What was I going to see?  The Way We Were.  I didn't love it, but I did appreciate seeing it.  Streisand was much better than I expected.  After years of watching impersonators or people making fun of her, it was nice to see the real thing.  One of the people in the theatre fell asleep and we could hear his snoring during some of the quiet moments.

After the movie I was leaving the theatre when I noticed some young women asking people to fill in a survey.  I laughed to myself, thinking that they wouldn't bother asking me.  Well, they didn't, but someone else did!  A man stopped me politely and asked his survey in English.  I think he was surprised to hear that I live in Japan.  Anyway, survey about the theatre done, I left and went on my way.  

I did a little shopping and bank visiting, then headed over to the mall. I toured the 100yen shop and then had a tea and a sandwich in Doutors.  I had a lovely Honey and Mint Royal Milk Tea, which is their newest special drink.  It was very nice.  The mint added a little something.  

After my drink, I headed home.  I made good time and got home around 5.  I didn't waste my time though.  I swept the first floor of our apartment building and then I vacuumed our apartment.  Yay me.

F came home around 6 and a little later I made dinner.  We had stir-fried asparagus, salad, cucumber sticks, and chicken.  It was good.  F was quite pleased with it I think.  

After he did dishes, he headed out for a walk and I started packing.  I try to do it day by day, so that I have at least a full outfit for each day, but sometimes it is difficult. I have heard that Kyoto is very hot right now, and since I am not great in hot weather, I have to think cool!  Added onto everything else is the problem that I can't get some of my favourite things to wear clean enough.  Boo!  

We each watched a bit of TV in the evening .  I did some crochet on the couch.  I am nearing the end of my cushion cover and I'm starting to worry that I might run out of wool.  So far so good though.  

Anyway, that's about it for me.  Oh, I'll slip in a picture of my lovely bread.  If you look at it close up you might see some of the sunflower seeds.  It is so delicious!  Night!

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