May 21, 2013

Tuesday - humid and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning a little late and watched some TV.  After that, I read the paper and received F's call about lunch.  He came home for lunch with a bento. 

After he left I did a few more things.  I was just going to get ready to make my lunch when I heard the door again.  Yes, F came back for another visit.  This time, he brought me a drink.  A Gateau Chocola.  It sounded yummy, so I opened it up and took a sip.  Coffee!  Yikes.  The first time I've had any coffee in about two years.  I stopped drinking it because I couldn't sleep.  He knew that.  He didn't check the label, and neither did I.  Silly me.  

F went back to his job and I got onto my lunch.  I had a leftover piece of chicken from last night, and a cucumber on crispbreads, and half an avocado on my lovely sunflower seed bread.  Yum.  One of the nicest lunches I've had in ages.  

I biked to work, making a quick trip through the drugstore and then got to my school.  I set everything up, changed, dusted the shelves and my student cancelled.  Sigh.  I spent her class time in my school, reading old papers and doing other paperwork.  I decided after 6 that as it was still light out, I'd just ride home.

I had a lovely bike ride and came home.  F was happy but surprised to see me as I hadn't called to tell him I was on my way.

After a long while, we went out for dinner to his Chinese restaurant.  We both had "variety" meals.  He had ramen and chahan, I had hoi-koro and fried chicken. I liked the meal a lot.

When we came home, I tried on my dress, a dress rehearsal so to speak!  I'm glad I did as there was almost a wardrobe malfunction, so I'd rather find out about that here, rather than in Kyoto!  

I watched a bit of TV at 11 and did a little crochet too. I'm starting to worry about the amount of wool that I have left.  I'm hoping it'll be enough, but…

Anyway, that's it for me for tonight.  I won't update tomorrow unless something worthy happens, so don't wait up.  I'll be away until next Monday night. Hopefully I'll be off having a great time.  Got to go.  Night!

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