May 28, 2013

Tuesday - Hot and sunny, bit muggy at night.  

I must start with an apology.  Although I was at home last night I wasn't able to blog.  I kept falling asleep at my computer and just felt that bed was a much better place for me to be.

I'm still really tired and apt to fall asleep tonight too, but hopefully I can write a few words for you all.  

The convention in Kyoto was wonderful.  The weather was much too hot for me however, but I was able to do some exploring and also met up with a few of my old friends.  There was even the chance to make some new friends.  Yay.

It was a long trip for me on Thursday morning, but I made it in plenty of time. I arrived in my hotel around 4 pm, making my trip last around 9 hours from door to door.  Coming back, I split it up into two parts. One night I stayed in Niigata for extra shopping fun.

Today's story…I got up and dressed in case Takkyubin came with my suitcase…then got up for real an hour later.  

I had a late lunch at home, and then left for my school.  I had two classes today and they went fairly well. One student gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers too…so touching!

After work, F c-mailed me, but didn't say he'd come right over.  When he knocked on my door, I didn't know what I was supposed to do. He hadn't said he'd pick me up.  

He did, however, and we went to Sukase for a nice dinner.  I had a new set meal, but I probably won't have it again.  

We bought groceries and I did a little crocheting and end-darning in when I finished the crocheting.  I'm nearly finished. I hope I have enough wool.  

That's about it.  I might try and post a few pictures tomorrow from the convention and see how you like them.  I have to go.  Night!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are back and had a good time, looking forward to more convention news o.o/*