May 29, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy, hot and humid

An okay day.  I had trouble getting up this morning so I didn't bother!  No, not really. I did get up, but not terribly early.  

I had a difficult morning. I read the paper and just didn't feel that great.  F phoned wanting to take me out for lunch, but I asked if we could have bentos in, instead.  He was fine with that.  He came home for lunch and we enjoyed it.  

In the afternoon I started looking up recipes, and then I found one.  F told me that he'd be late tonight, but I got started anyway.  I made cauliflower au gratin and it was quite fiddly!  I had to bake it, but waited for that part.  I had just finished doing all the dishes and was going to take a rest, when F called to say that he was on his way.  I baked the cauliflower, and got started on the fish.  He had to help with the fish a bit. It needed cutting and I needed help with the mix I was using!

Anyway, things got done and dinner was good.  The cauliflower was excellent and F helped himself to seconds…he rarely does that!

After dinner, I changed my clothes and we made a quick run to the drugstore and then to my school.  F had brought boxes home for me and I wanted to take them to my school.  

We came home again.  At 11 I did a bit of crochet in front of House.  I think I'm going to join the two parts of the cushion cover together now.  Yay.  

I wrote up a couple of cards for postcrossing, and might do one or two tomorrow.  I'm not sure.  That's about it for me.  I hope to be able to get out of the house under my own steam tomorrow.  Talk to you tomorrow night and find out what goes on!  Night.

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