May 8, 2013

Wednesday - Sunny and windy, a little cool

A much better day.

I got up this morning and got dressed.  I watched GW and then basically left my apartment to meet up with my friend.  We drove over to Piccolino's and had some nice Italian food and lots of conversation.  

After lunch we stopped briefly at my school so I could give her a few things that she might need for her lessons. After that, sad to say, she dropped me off at home and left for her home.

I went in and spent a quiet afternoon by myself. It was kind of nice.  F was home late tonight and as usual didn't talk to me at all.  He put the TV on to boxing and had it up really loudly too.  

Around 9 pm I took myself out for a light supper. It was only Kaiten sushi but it was nice to get out of the apartment.  I just had a little bit as I was still quite full from lunch.

I came home again and a bit later F asked if I needed to eat anything.  I said no, so he went off and got some food.  

He told me what a fax said and then ended up taking his bath and going to bed.  
I watched House and the repeat of Bones, got the garbage ready to go out tomorrow and made myself a cup of tea.  I really needed it.  I haven't made tea in a few days.  I did manage to get a few rounds of crochet done too, that was good.  I'm in the stage though where I'm working out the pattern and the colour scheme so it isn't that relaxing yet.  

Anyway, that's about it for tonight.  I don't have plans for tomorrow, although I'm thinking of getting my hair trimmed. Not sure if I will though.  Come back tomorrow night and see if things get better or not!  Night. 

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