May 9, 2013

Thursday - Sunny and warmer

A better day.

I got up this morning, watched Undercover Boss and then Ghost Whisperer, read the paper and relaxed for a bit.  I decided to do laundry and was doing some a bit after 12. I looked outside and there was F pulling up to our apartment.  Why?  He came in and ate his lunch. He'd brought me a bento too, which was nice of him, except my stomach was upset and I didn't want to eat it.  He'd also brought some fried chicken and I thought I'd better pass on that too.

He left and I got on with my day.  I had a bit of a nap because I couldn't keep my eyes open, then watched more telly.  After 5 pm, I decided to take a shower, yay me.

F came home and we didn't talk.  He went to bed for a while and then got up and watched TV loudly.  Why is it that Japanese TV always seems ten times louder than English TV, even though I need my volume up quite high to hear it?

After a while, around 10 actually, F asked if I needed to go out and eat.  I said yes.  Basically, all I'd eaten today was a few crackers and cheese.  We went to the grocery store and I picked up a few things, as did he.  We came home and ate.  

We were almost friendly by the end of the evening.  We opened up the box with my shoes in it that arrived today.  Some of them look really nice and if…IF they all fit, I might just keep all of them!  I have knocking about shoes, and I have walking shoes, but I don't have casual cute shoes that I can wear with a skirt or nice pants.  

So, we're talking again and it is a big relief.  I'm still not happy about how and what went down the other day, but my tension has eased up a bit. 

I didn't go for a hair cut, but I might go either tomorrow if I feel like it, or next week.  I'm thinking that I just might go out for a cup of tea or something tomorrow. I haven't taken myself out in ages.  That is, if I get my Postcrossing scanning done, plus a load or two of laundry.  Wish me luck with my To Do list!  Night.

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