Postcrossing - Incoming to May 13th, 2013

To May 13, 2013

I'm a tad behind here, but wanted to let you see these great cards that I have received this month.  Sadly, I have been busy with many things and haven't been able to post these entries as often as I'd like to.

Remember that you can click on the card to see a larger version of them.  Comments and questions are welcome below.

Ritva sent this great Bogart card from Finland. She writes that she is a grandmother of 3, mother of 2.  She lives with her husband and dog.  The dog is a black Labrador Retriever and is very kind and sweet.

She wrote that it was spring when she wrote, but summer would be there soon.  She says that the snow was almost gone.

She wishes me a happy postcrossing.  Thanks!

Humphrey Bogart

Mirka sent this card from the Czech Republic. She writes that she lives in a village near Prague.  She likes reading books, crafts and art.  She recently went to an aguarelle workshop and it was amazing. She said that she replaced lack of talent with enthusiasm!
Old Town Square, Prague

Julia sent this card, but didn't have a lot to say about it.  She said she is 24 years old and comes from Germany.  This is a German book.
Anyone who reads this book dies...on the other hand...what would life be,(if) we did not have the courage to risk something?

This was a very cool card from France.  It was sent as a "secret letter" and has a backing on it. On the inside there are pictures and lots of writing.  I was tickled pink to receive this card and I love it.  Mathilde sent it and put so much work into it.  

Basically she said that she was sorry not to have a card of the type I ask for in my profile, but it was fine.  I'd rather make the connection with another person.
Correspondance aerienne
The stamp that she used was quite large and I think spectacular!
Add caption

Marchi from the Netherlands wrote that this sunset is on a lake that used to be part of the sea.  However, since the dyke was built it is a great lake.

Well, there you are, five great cards.  Which ones do you like the best?

Until next time!


Gary C said...

I think I like Mathilde's card best. And you're right, that's a great stamp!

Helen said...

Thanks for visiting!

I agree with you about the stamp. It is very interesting, and also very big! It's about 4 x 5 cm.

Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I just heard about secret letters after reading the profile for a fellow postcrosser yesterday. Now I'm curious about what it is and must put Google into action!

Helen said...

What I mean by "secret letter" is something that you can get at Daiso. It's a stationery set. You can write a short letter on paper, then you use a seal to close it up. It's the same size as a postcard, so it can go at the postcard rate.

Of course you can't put anything in the letter, but it's a good way to send letters cheaply! I send notes to my niece or nephew that way. I want them to know I think about them, but I don't have a lot to say.