June 12, 2013

Wednesday - Hot and sunny

A good day. 

I got up this morning, tried to take a nap on the couch, but F had other ideas.  He called me twice, once to tell me about disconnecting the gas at my school's apartment, the other time to ask if I'd like to have lunch.  I said yes today.

He brought us a couple of bentos and we sat on the couch and ate them.  It wasn't too bad today!  I didn't really need the rice, but I ate it anyway.  I watched Heartland during lunch, and into the next hour after F left too.  It was nice today…lots of lovely Rocky Mountain vistas.  Made me so homesick!  Not that I can see the Rockies from the area where I come from anyway.

I left for my school a little late, but made good time.  I stopped in a drug store to get some cleaner and something to drink.  It was so hot out, again.

At my school I took a couple of moments, but did get to work fairly quickly.  Today, I took care of the bed area, the bathroom and underneath the kitchen sink.  That last one was a bit tough as it hadn't been sorted out since I moved in!  Still, I got a lot done.  F called to say he'd be late, so I did a bit more dusting, and washed a few towels and dusting cloths. 

When he picked me up, we loaded up the car and then had dinner at his Taiwan restaurant across town.  It's not my favourite place, but it was okay tonight.  I had chicken with cashew nuts, and we shared an order of stir-fried vegetables. I was surprised that they had meat in them.  I thought I was being healthy for F, but nope.  He had cold noodles, and gave me a few of them.  They were okay.  

We came home and unloaded the car, then we had a bit of quiet time. I watched some TV tonight and did a little crochet before coming back to the computer and checking into blogs and Facebook.

Really, that is it.  I hope to get to the school and get everything almost finished tomorrow.  I'm at the stage now where I should be done, and I could probably finish up if I can get everything out tomorrow.  It isn't too likely though!  Got to go. Night!

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