June 13, 2013

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A good day.

I got up this morning and got a couple of calls from my husband.  It kept me awake, so probably a good thing!  I took a shower and then at noon I went outside to meet him.  He offered to buy me lunch today, so we went out for sushi to the good place!  It was nice.

He dropped me off at home and a couple of hours later I rode off to my school. It was so hot I felt a bit like a puddle of goo.  At my school, it took a few minutes to get into some work, but eventually, I got quite busy.  I vacuumed again, dusted, took down a couple of light globes and cleaned them, then put them back up, cleaned the toilet, packed more boxes…whew.  

When F came, he was bearing ice cream and drinks…Yay.  We had a short break and then loaded up the car.  We made two trips today and brought almost everything back to our apartment.  

Tomorrow I'll go over and do the last touches, and grab all the garbage bags, and just generally make sure that the apartment is ready to give back.  

I'll miss it, but not some of the stress involved in running my own business.  I never was much of a business person really.  

F and I went out for dinner to Cocos tonight and had the same thing with different sauces.  We also had dessert as we had half price coupons.  It was pancakes with ice-cream, bananas and whipped cream.  One of the pancakes was plain and we received a chocolate pen to write messages on it.  I suggested to F that we write a message on the pancake and then swap them.  I wrote a pretty traditional "I Heart You" on mine, he drew something.  We swapped them, and he said,"Here's your ramen!"  Ack!  Yes, I thought he'd drawn a Japanese anime character, but it was a bowl of ramen.  I guess he thought it was the only way to get me to eat ramen! I put a big X over his drawing.  

We came home and had a quiet evening.  F has been so busy at work that he basically just collapses when he gets home.  He is so tired.  He went to bed fairly early tonight again.  

Anyway, I'm tired, it is very hot and I should try to get some sleep!  Talk to you tomorrow night most likely.  Night!

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