June 14, 2013

Friday - Hot and sunny, with rain at night

What a day!

I got up this morning and it was hot.  So hot.  I had a quiet morning around the apartment, reading the paper and eating breakfast.  During breakfast I got a text from F saying that he'd taken off the afternoon "to help me".  That scared me!

He showed up after one thirty. I hadn't eaten as I assumed he'd have to wait on his lunch.  He hadn't.  First he said he'd have lunch with me, or at least go with me, then he made an appointment for himself at 2:30.  By then, it was 2:10, so there was no way for him to take me to lunch first.  Sigh.  

He left and I left a few minutes later.  I went and had lunch at Marumatsu. It was okay, but not terrific.  After that, I biked over to my school.

I got busy, but just a few minutes after I arrived, so did F.  He was done.  I did a lot of last minute stuff.  We also got all of the last minute stuff out of the school.  I hope that it is okay for the rental company.  It's sad in a way, but when I locked the door, I was okay.  Mostly.

We came home, unloaded the car and started to relax.  I took a shower and then a nap.  We didn't go out for dinner until much later.  F suggested going to the Internet cafe and using the massaging chairs again, so that's what we did.  

I watched Rock of Ages there and it wasn't as overtly sexual as when I saw it the first time.  It was still quite out there, but I am thinking it may have been a different cut.  

We came home via the grocery store and got some drinks and munchies.  Our apartment was so hot when we arrived that we had to turn on the AC.  F set it originally for 23, but I told him he was crazy…28 was okay.  It was still cooler and not as bad for the environment.

Basically, that was my day.  It was a good one after all!

Tomorrow I have to pay off the Gas at the apartment and then turn in the keys.  After that, one part of my life is over.  Wonder what's going to come next?!  Night.

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