June 15, 2013

Saturday - Cloudy, muggy, with a bit of rain

An odd-ish day today.  I got up late this morning, but just in time to watch The Gilmour Girls.  They were fun as always.  

After the show, F & I went to his house.  His mother was away for the day, so it was a good chance for me to pick up some stuff.  I grabbed a couple of books, cds, a dress and a couple of books of postcards.  Yay me.  Gombei the dog was happy to see me.  So happy that he gave me a bruise on my forearm. He didn't mean to of course.  He didn't know that I'm that bruisable!  

When we left his house, we went for lunch.  We went to the Komagihara restaurant for the buffet lunch.  It was quite good really.  When we finished lunch, we headed over to the school to meet the Gas guy.  We were there 15 minutes early, but he was already there.  We paid, I got my receipt…done.

We headed off to LeoPalace then and turned in the keys.  F and the guy got into a big discussion about clearing the snow.  Apparently, some guy had yelled at him once for only clearing my spot, not the whole parking lot.  He thought that F and I owned the building! 

All that stuff done, we came home.  We planned to leave right away to go to the mall to see a movie, but…we fell asleep on our bed!  I woke up an hour or more later, F didn't get up until after six.  He doesn't do the daytime nap that often, so I didn't get upset.  

We went out for dinner somewhere a bit different.  We went to Sabai, the Thai restaurant in our city.  We both had quite nice meals.  I had a stir-fried beef with rice dish, and F had ramen.  To give him credit, he did ask for something else first, but they were out of it.  We also shared an ice cream.

We came home and had a relaxing, quiet evening.  F wanted to go to the internet cafe tonight, but since we went last night and may go tomorrow, I think we should have a day off!

Tomorrow, I'm not exactly sure what we're going to do.  I hope that we'll have fun though!  Talk to you tomorrow night.  Bye!

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