June 16, 2013

Sunday - Hot and sunny.  Hot!

A good day.  We both went to bed really, really late last night…I believe we both went around 5 am.  I was in bed slightly before F.  I didn't get up early at all today!

I dragged myself out of bed just before noon and F fed me some lovely bread that he baked.  I liked it, he wasn't too impressed. It was Brioche.  

We had lunch at Grado.  I had a lovely meal of local pork with camembert cheese grilled on top. It was very yummy.  F originally chose a fish dish, but they didn't have it anymore.  Instead, he foolishly chose a tomato based pasta dish.  He has problems with tomatoes too, so it wasn't a good choice.  He finished it, but wasn't too happy about it.  

Next up for us was the craft shop. I've been meaning to make F's nephew's child a baby blanket, so we had to get wool.  I didn't like the choice for baby stuff, so I branched out to some gorgeous all acrylic stuff in strong colours.  I chose a royal navy blue and a cream colour.  Unfortunately, with F being there and me having to mentally convert how many balls of yarn I'd need to get the blanket done, I made a mistake.  I only bought half of what I need.  Sigh.  And I thought I had the right sized hook on hand, but I don't.  I did a little of the pattern tonight and the yarn works up really nicely. It is so soft.  

After the craft stop and a brief drugstore run for F, we hit up the internet cafe and went to karaoke for a couple of hours.  It was fun and we enjoyed ourselves.  After our two hours, we went over to the massage chairs for an hour and relaxed.  Today I found a perfect thing for myself to watch, the Done in 60 Seconds film festival from Empire magazine and Jameson whisky.  They were weird, wacky and wonderful.

We had dinner tonight in a soba restaurant.  We had soba, which is a bit unusual for me, but it was okay.  Then, we bought groceries for tomorrow's dinner.  I think I'm going to make something semi-simple like a caesar salad with chicken on top.  For me, it sounds delicious and wonderful, but I'll be timing F to see how long it takes him to make ramen for himself afterwards!

We came home and relaxed.  I watched a bit of TV and tried out the pattern that I'll be using.  It's just a bit of counting but so far so good. It did take a while to get the first row done.  I really should check for gauge though.  I don't want to make an adult sized blanket!

After a while F went to bed.  He has to go to work tomorrow.  I do not.  I also did a couple of Postcrossings tonight.  I'm happy to finally get going on that again.  I miss it.  And that was it for me.  Got to go.  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

I'm missing Postcrossing, too. Moving sure takes up a lot of time! The actual move is quick, but the organizing afterwards is unending. I do not envy your task of organizing all the stuff from your school now residing in your home. I emptied four boxes this weekend. Yay for me!

Helen said...

Yay you! Four boxes!

We can't get into our tatami room at the moment because of my stuff. My DH just threw it in there, no rhyme or reason.

I'll have to start sorting it out soon. Not looking forward to it at all.

Shonan LOvE said...

End of an era.