June 17, 2013

Monday - Hot and humid, bit cloudy

An okay day.

I got up on time this morning and stayed up. I kind of fell asleep on the couch, but didn't go into full napping mode.  A good thing, because F came back at 10 am.  Then, he came back for lunch after 12.  Neither of these things really made me happy.  

I did have breakfast, and a shower just as F was coming home for lunch.  After he left I did a few things.  I scanned some cards - finally - sent some postcrossings and prepped a couple of things to mail.  I also paid for my AFWJ membership for next year.  I thought I should do it while I have the money!

In the afternoon F called me three times.  He was trying to let me know about his finishing time as I needed to go back to the craft store. I had started washing the lettuce for dinner and I wasn't too happy to be constantly interrupted.  Still, I got it done before he came home.

We arrived at the craft store, I confidently led the way to the stuff I bought yesterday, and only found one ball of yarn. Oh no!  Apparently the company has discontinued it, and the store has tried to call other stores to see if they have it in stock.  Bloomin' heck.  I'm such a twit. If I'd bought it all yesterday I would have realized that there wasn't enough of the colours and could have changed my mind.  I'm really crossing my fingers that they can find more of it for me.

Came home again and I was getting dinner ready. I was ticked because since we haven't eaten at home in ages, the dinner table was under a huge pile of F's junk.  I got it shifted and the tabled wiped.  I went back to my cooking when F announced that he wasn't going to eat dinner.  I told him I wasn't surprised and kept working.  I made some couscous for myself since F doesn't like it, and got the salad together.  I really wish that I had gone the extra step of making the dressing myself as the commercial one we bought wasn't that good.  It was okay, but… My salad was nice and the couscous was a nice change.  After I finished, I put everything away and did the dishes.  Lots of dishes.  While I did dishes, F watched some ultimate fighting crap.

He told me after dinner that he wasn't feeling very well, and then announced when I started to watch TV that he'd go for a walk.  He did.  He brought back munchies so there wasn't much point of it though!

He stayed up for a while, but isn't a happy camper at all.  Finally, he went to bed and I'm up way too late.  I wrote up another Postcrossing entry and read a cool article about Voyager on the Internet.  

I am debating going out tomorrow for a noon movie or staying home and watching (re-watching) The Good Wife.  I haven't decided yet.  I think I'll see what the weather does.  We keep getting showers tonight.

I'm done.  Got to go.  Night!


Vicky said...

Search for it on Rakuten, too. There's often the stuff you want there. We just found two packs of discontinued spoons that we've been searching for in the shops with no luck!

Helen said...

Thanks! That's a good idea. I'll see if I can have a look. :-)