June 19, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy and drizzly all day

Well, I got up this morning, in time to have a nice breakfast, but it was rainy.  Quite rainy.  I had a think, even got dressed, but just when I thought I'd be able to go, we had another strong shower.  I decided to stay home.

I had brunch, watched a bit of TV and took a nap in the afternoon.  Sigh.  I shouldn't do that.  F called to tell me that the craft shop managed to find my yarn for me. Yay! He'd take me to pick it up after he finished work.  

I decided to tackle a bit of the tatami room too.  I emptied a couple of boxes and took out one of my large chest of drawers.  I put it in our bedroom and I'm going to use it for storing my clothes.  At least that's the plan right now.  The nice thing is that now we can get into the tatami room, at least a little bit! 

F called to say he was coming so I went outside to meet him.  We drove over to the craft store and they had my yarn.  Hurray!!!  I'm so glad.  We bought it and they even gave me the discount on it that I got when I bought the first batch.  

We came home and I put dinner together.  We had bought edamame vichyssoise, which was very nice, plus the left over lettuce which we each turned into caesar salads for ourselves.  I grated some of my real parmesan cheese (a gift from a former student who went to Italy) over it, F grilled some fish and we had a nice meal.  F wanted rice with his, but I was fine without.  I had even bought some chicken at the store earlier for me, but I'll save it for lunch tomorrow I think.

F did the dishes and I spent time on my computer.  F then decided to make onion bread (I created a monster!) so spent a couple of hours caramelizing the onions.  They were so strong that even across the room they were making my eyes water. I took a break in our bedroom and fell asleep.  Oops.  

I came back to watch some TV and do a little crochet.  I started the second colour in the blanket tonight and it looks good.  I am mildly worried that the holes are too big for a baby, but I think they'll be able to keep it for him when he's a bit bigger.  Maybe?

F fed me a piece of his onion bread and it was great.  It's funny how he always makes the bread these days!

That's about it for today.  I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow. I might go out tomorrow, if the weather is okay, but I'd like to be back in the afternoon to catch the repeat of one of the shows I watch. I missed it last week.  Probably not an urgent thing though! Talk to you tomorrow.  Night!

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