June 23, 2013

Sunday - Warm and sunny

A good day…no-really!

We had a slow start to the day today, but after a while we got ourselves up and out.  F was up early of course, he even made us a mini loaf of bread.  We had our lunch at a soba chain restaurant, then he suggested a movie. It was fine with me, so we drove out to Mikawa.

We went into the mall and bumped into the same student I bumped into on Friday!  She'd even been to see the movie we were going to see.  F asked her to call me if she wanted to get together sometime.  

We went to see The Great Gatsby and I was really surprised.  I don't like the novel, I had to read it at Uni and thought the people were useless and basically pretty dolls, but this film was different.  I'm actually quite surprised that I liked it as much as I did.  F however fell asleep for part of the film.  Poor guy, he's doing that a lot these days.

After the movie we went shopping.  I needed to get a present for my niece, so we did that, then hit the kitchenware department for my replacement spatula!  We finished our mall time by going to Seattle's Best and having Java Kulas.  Yum.  

When we got to the car, F suggested going to Sakata for dinner, so we drove their and decided to go to an Indian restaurant.  We went and had a really yummy meal.  We had their Couple Set.  

We left and headed back towards Tsuruoka.  F wanted to do something else, but I said it was okay, but only if we stopped to use a washroom!  We stopped at a bookstore and had a quick look around. I found something else that would make a good present for my niece and we got that too.

We just came home and I stayed home for the rest of the night.  F popped out to the grocery store for CCR.  I told him that was how he had to remember it.  Cheese, Chocolate and Ramen.  Well, I didn't care about the ramen, but the chocolate I did care about.  

We watched a bit of TV.  F made more bread for the morning (that's why he needed the cheese!) and finally went to bed.  I should get there soon as I'll be going out in the afternoon with a friend.  

That's it for me.  It was a busy but fun day.  Night!

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