June 24, 2013

Monday - Warm and sunny

A good day.

I got up late, but then again, I went to bed late.  I had some coffee yesterday, and because of it, I just couldn't sleep that well.  

I showered and dressed, I went out to meet my friend from Sakata.  We went off to have lunch together.  We were going to try a new place but they weren't open today, so we went to the pasta buffet place. It was nice, and we had some great chat.  We moved our little party over to the mall then to Doutors and had some tea.  Yea us.  Sadly, she had to leave, so she drove me home and went on her way.

I went inside, watched a little TV and then F came home.  He wanted to go out right away.  His mother had called and said she wanted him to buy her something.  We went to the hardware store, got her the sudare and then drove out to the boonies of Sakata. "Why?" you might ask.  He wanted to see if there were any fireflies.  We drove up mountains, around scary corners, between tall trees, and I slept through most of it.  We arrived at a place that was a parking lot for a famous local waterfall.  The parking lot was empty.  Not a car in sight.  I asked F if he was sure it was the right time of year.  Yep.  So, he confidently headed off into the trees.  

I, not so confidently, followed him.  I didn't see anything that looked like a firefly and I was a bit huffy and puffy, so wasn't sure what we were doing.  It was dark, there was no one around for miles (kilometres?) and all I could think of were the murder mysteries that I love so much where the seemingly devoted husband tricks the dumb wife into doing something she'd never do under other circumstances.  I kept thinking that it would be a great place to hide a body for a few days…heck, thrown in the river, it might be even longer before it was found.  I told F about my worries and we laughed and turned back.  

In the car we decided to have dinner in Sakata again.  This time we went to Steak Miya (at F's request).  I had chicken which was very nice, F had a mixed plate.  We ate and then headed back into Tsuruoka.  

In Tsuruoka we just came home and watched a bit of TV.  I wrote up 3 cards for Postcrossing. I haven't done a lot lately and I have soooo many postcards in my card box.  I must stop buying them!

F went to bed a bit late, and I'm still up.  Tomorrow I think I'll stay home and do some writing.  I have a movie column that is overdue and I haven't started it yet.  Tomorrow I will!  Got to go.  Night!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

You can never have too many cards, IMHO. Even with a box full, I often do not have anything that a recipient has requested. The last guy wanted beer cards. Now I'm on the lookout for those!

Helen said...

That's funny! I don't think I have beer ones either. It wouldn't dawn on me to buy any. I will mention that I saw some cool postcards at Aeon on the weekend. They are clear...basically plastic...with space on the back to write. They are shaped so they'd cost more to mail (or would need an envelope internationally), but quite interesting. One was a jockey of beer, that's why I thought of it just now!