June 25, 2013

Tuesday - Warm and sunny

An okay day.

I woke up this morning and realized I was alone in the apartment.  This was before 7:00 am so it was a tad unusual.  Then, I woke up again somewhat later as F came back home.  He had taken time off and was going to the doctor.  

I stayed up then and did some laundry, lots of laundry.  I also did some computer stuff and then F came home when he finished with the doctor.  He offered to either buy me a bento or take me out for lunch, but I was waiting for a package and couldn't go.  He went back to work.

In the afternoon, I scanned some cards and then made a mad dash to the post office.  I didn't really have to, but I felt like I had to at the time.  I mailed my cards, transferred some money and then came back home.  I scanned MORE cards when I came back and got them all up to date.

F came home and immediately left.  Yesterday he bought a sudare (a bamboo curtain) for his mother, today he tried to install it.  He's so changeable on the phone.  When he called to say he was coming home he asked me about going to the movies, then came home and said he was going to his mother's for 2 hours.  Huh?  Anyway, after an hour he called to say he was coming back!

We had dinner in Framboise tonight and it was nice.  I had minute steak and F had the Japanese set.  It was good to go there after a long break, but the air conditioning hurt my ears.  

We bought groceries for tomorrow night.  I think tomorrow's dinner might be a little labour intensive, so I'm a bit worried.  

We came home and at 11 I watched the season ending of Criminal Minds and did a little crochet.  It was nice to get a hook back in my hands! 

F went to bed fairly early tonight. I'm trying to get there a bit earlier tonight too.  I'm staying up much too late these days and there's not a good reason for it. 

Tomorrow I have to cook dinner, do at least one load of laundry and hopefully get most of my movie column written.  Come back and see what I do!  Night.

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