June 27, 2013

Thursday - Hot and sunny

A goodish day.

The nice thing about today is that I was alone for most of it.  I got so much done that I needed to do. Yay me.

I got up, and had a bit of a relax this morning.  I did go on my computer of course, but didn't spend a lot of time there.  I ate lunch, watched 3 hours of Heartland and then remembered I had lots of things to do.  Like laundry and my column. I got them both done. Yay me! It was so much easier without being interrupted all the time.

Poor F though, was late tonight.  He called me at his usual finishing time to say that he would be late.  If he was lucky, he'd be home by 6, if not, he didn't know.  He arrived home around 8:30.  

I decided to prepare some of dinner though.  I didn't do it last night because I was writing my column, but tonight I cooked the chicken, prepped the eggplant and set the table before he came home.  I also decided that we didn't need eggplant and gnocchi, so cut the pasta from the menu. Good call really.  

When F called to say he was finished I kicked dinner into higher gear.  I did fried eggplant and zucchini, we also had lettuce and sautéed basil chicken.  Yum.  

Poor F was really tired tonight and went to bed super early.  He was in bed around 11.  I stayed up, did some crochet and then computer stuff of course.  

Today was really hot. I didn't actually leave the apartment today. I think F is feeling the drain of the heat more than I am at the moment.  He has to work outside quite a lot.  

Not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  I might go for a tea downtown, or I might just stay home and try to stay cool. I might also try to unpack a box or two…or not!  That's it for me for today.  Talk to you tomorrow?  Night!

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