June 28, 2013

Friday - Sunny and warm

A good day.  

I overslept this morning, which quite surprised me.  I thought I'd get up earlier, but didn't. 

When I got up I watched a bit of telly and then took a shower.  I had a quiet afternoon, but it was nice.  I ate leftovers for lunch, I wrote up 4 cards for Postcrossing and then scanned them.  I biked off to the post office and mailed them, then came home again.  

In the evening, F came home and of course he wanted to go to the internet cafe again.  We went for karaoke for a while, and had dinner.  This was a bit of an improvement because we were in the same room at least to eat.  I had decent carbonara and a very greasy beef cutlet.  

After a while we went to the massaging chairs area.  We were able to get chairs, but not side by side.  We went in anyway.  I had brought a book and a magazine, but I looked at the movie listings and found one that I hadn't seen before and it was in English, so I watched it.  It was even Canadian to boot!  I watched The Sweet Hereafter.  It was quite sad, and I think I'd like to see it again.

We came home around midnight and then watched a bit of TV and ate junk food.  F is off to bed soon, and I am up blogging and facebooking.  A friend is watching some DVDs that I sent her.  She's facebooking them!  It's kind of cool.  

Tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll get up to. I know that F has to go to his house in the morning and I have a date with the Gilmore Girls, so hopefully I'll be up in time to watch them!

That's it for me.  Night!

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