June 29, 2013

Saturday - Hot and sunny

A good day.  

I got up this morning in enough time to watch the end of Nigel Slater ont telly.  (I have to tell SpellCheck that "ont" is in fact a word, sort of.)

I settled in with my crochet for Gilmore Girls.  It was a fun episode with a spa.  I got a few rows done and enjoyed myself.  

I got dressed and after a while F and I went to Grado for lunch.  It was really nice.  He had pork, I had chicken in a gorgonzola sauce.  Yum. The restaurant even comped us some dessert because we brought them another bag of newspapers.  That was nice of them.

In the afternoon, we went to the Chido Museum.  F renewed his membership and we went in.  I was really happy for him because it was the katana exhibition this week.  It's the thing he looks forward to most of the year.  He didn't like the fact that they were mostly new katanas though.  We enjoyed ourselves in the museum and then we left.  

F took off driving and didn't tell me where we were going.  We ended up in Haguro at the museum.  We arrived at 3:50 and it was supposed to close at 4:30.  We went in, but not to the paying area.  We looked at the books in the gift shop, I got some postcards, and we bought drinks from the vending machine.  

We came home for a while after a nice drive.  We vegged at home and then decided on dinner.  We went to Aki for Okonomiyaki and it was great.  The restaurant wasn't very busy tonight.  The cook was bemoaning the fact that last night he was busy, but tonight he wasn't!

We left and made a quick stop at home before going to the theatre.  We had an appointment with Tyrannosaur.  It was great.  It's a really dark movie, definitely not a happy movie, but with interesting people and good writing.  A good indication of the film's worth, F didn't fall asleep at it…first time in ages!

We came home via the grocery store and the gas station.  We had a quiet night at home.  We watched a bit of TV, F set up the breadmaker, and then went to bed.  I'm still up, but it is ridiculously late and I should be in bed.

Sunday, F has to go to his house, and we might go to a movie in Mikawa later on.  Not sure what else will happen.  That's it for me.  Night.

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