June 3, 2013

Monday - Warm and Sunny

A nice day.

I got up reasonably early this morning, and promptly took a nap on the couch!  I got dressed and had lunch a little later, then headed out to my apartment.

I was quite busy today. I took down the posters from the wall (classroom English), re-boxed the heater that I tried to box yesterday, and packed up quite a lot of books.  I think I might re-box some of them, but for now they are off my shelf.  I didn't stop and got quite a lot done.  

F texted me and I came home.  He was in quite a state.  He was on the couch very asleep.  I started cooking dinner at 7 and he slept on.  I did manage to wake him up enough to join me, so we had a decent dinner together.  Tonight we had pasta with a bought sauce salmon sauce, plus some chicken wings and salad.  It was nice.  

I even did the dishes for F as there weren't many and I was worried about him.  He did take a long break and went to bed early for a change.

I watched some TV and enjoyed it.  I like the new show The Newsroom. It is so intelligent and the acting is great too.  

That's really about it for me.  Night!

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