June 9, 2013

Sunday - Sunny and warm

A better day.

This morning I made a point of getting up in the morning.  Once I was up, F gave me some of his cocoa brioche that he'd made. It was nice, but I think needed more cocoa.  We have different opinions on the amount of chocolate needed in ones diet!  

After he got dressed, we headed out for lunch.  Except halfway out the driveway F started asking me for places. We had a fight about that.  I'm quite honestly not wanting to go any where with my husband if food is involved these days.  Finally, I said I wasn't hungry and had lost my appetite because I was sick of fighting.  It was mostly true.  

He came to my apartment and took a lot of the boxes that I had prepared for him to take out.  He ran them over to his house and then came back.  We got a lot done today.  Most of my stuff is out of my school now, although it is still in a huge mess.  Boxes are everywhere. I may have too many boxes!  

After all the moving stuff, we went for dinner.  We went to Sukase, a place that I thought was okay for F.  We get there, sit down and he tells me he's not going to eat.  I thanked him and said that the only reason I was there was that I thought HE liked the place.  It's okay, but there are a lot of other places I'd prefer.  He decides to eat after all, and I think we both had a decent meal. 

After dinner we decided to come home, unload the car and then go to the Internet cafe for the massaging chairs.  That's what we did.  We each got a chair for 3 hours and it was nice.  The first hour I just read and got a massage. The next couple of hours I watched videos on YouTube.  I watched some Chris DeBurgh and relaxed even more.  

When our time was up I was ready and hustled F out of there!  We came home and I put together a loaf of bread for tomorrow. It's a herb bread so I hope that it is good.  I put a lot of stuff in there!

That's about it for me.  Tomorrow I have to go back to the school and get a lot of work done before F finishes work.  The end is mostly in sight now.  Wish me luck!  Night.

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