Postcrossing - Incoming to June 15, 2013

Incoming to June 15, 2013

I've received a lot of cards lately, but I haven't been sending as many.  I'll probably have a quiet couple of months in the future. I hope!

There are some quite interesting cards in this group.  I welcome comments and thoughts about them.  Click on the pictures to make them larger.

Ann sent this card with a long lovely chatty note on the back.  I won't paraphrase it for you, but it was very nice to receive after a lot of one or two sentence cards.
Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, 1913

Tatiana sent this card from the Ukraine and it is gorgeous.  Doesn't it look delicious?  She recommends that I learn how to make a Ukrainian dish for my husband!  Maybe I should learn how to make a Japanese dish first!

Typical Ukrainian vegetables

This greeting card came from Latvia.  It isn't a postcard, but the sender found a card with a black and white picture of an actress that I hadn't heard of, so I was pleased to get it.  

Helen Menken was a famous stage actress.  She made a few movies, but was most famous for working on the stage and radio.  Another of her claims to fame was her marriage to Humphrey Bogart. They divorced a year later however.  

She died in 1966 of a heart attack while at a party.

Actress Helen Menken in a sleeveless full-length tulle gown.  Vogue, April 12, 1930.

A Postcrosser from China sent me the next great card.  He writes that this is the Former Normandy Mansions in Shanghai, China.  

Wukang Building (The Former Normandy Mansions)
He put some amazing stamps on the postcard too.  Just gorgeous!

Although the sender is from Germany, the postcard comes from The Netherlands.  He says is that the border is very close to where he is.  

Marina sent this card from Belarus.  She's a very young postcrosser, and wrote that she loves sitcoms and anime. 

Eva sent this card from Finland.  She writes that new potatoes and herring are a very popular early summer delicacy in Sweden and Finland.  Looks good!

She also wrote about the stamp.  There is a crayfish on the plate.  Eva said that its time comes in August.  This stamp has braille markings on it, which I thought was unusual.  

Well, there you are, 7 cards and some stamps to look at.  Any comments?  I like them very much, how about you?  Which ones do you like best?

Until next time!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

All of these cards are so special, making it very difficult to select a favorite. If pressed, I would have to say the apartment building one, just because I like buildings, and the stamps are nice, too.

Helen said...

I agree it is hard to choose a favourite in this bunch!

They all have some great points!

Thanks for commenting :-)