Postcrossing - Incoming to May 31, 2013

To May 31, 2013

To finish up last month, here are five cards and some stamps from all over the world.  I like these cards, they can be rather amazing, and interesting and downright funky.  

I'd love to hear which one or ones you like!  If you'd like to see them a little bigger, just click on the pictures.  

Gaëlle writes that she is a bookseller for children.  She's fond of reading and movies.  She likes movies from Wes Anderson and James Gray.  She writes that we can see many books on this card and asks if I recognize the Richard Scarry one.  Anyone help me?

She wrote that the weather was bad when she sent the card.  They had rain for 3 weeks.  Yikes.
Illustration de Magali Le Huche extraite de "Tu lis où?"
The stamp she used was also interesting!  I first thought of a folk tale, but I think I was over-thinking.  It's cute though!  A very cool French Postcrossing.

Mia sent this lovely creation from China.  The card shows a type of sugar.  I'm guessing that this is some kind of candy for a festival...please feel free to correct me.  She congratulated me on my anniversary, and said that Canada is a beautiful country.  
She sends her best wishes.  
Mia stamped the back of the card with a Chinese Seal, but I can't show it to you in case it is private.  She did use some gorgeous stamps though, which I CAN show you.  Take a look at these beauties!

Thanks Mia!

The person who sent this card from Russia is a student, so I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  He sent me a postcard made from a piece of card. He sends greetings from Siberia.  He studies economics.  The artwork on the card is an excerpt of "Corner of the Garden at Montgerou" by Monet.

Amanda sent this card from the US.  She writes that she loves reading and photography.  I believe that she took the picture on the card.  She writes that she works at a large chain bookstore (the second bookseller of this entry!)
Lastly, she wrote that her puppy was helping her write the card!

One of the things I have asked for from Postcrossers was something to do with the writing process.  Well, there's been a lot of writing done on this machine, but sadly there probably wouldn't be any more done.  

Riina sent this card from Southern Finland.  She lives with her boyfriend and cat.  She works as an assistant teacher helping special needs children in primary school.  She said that she was eagerly waiting for summer holidays, when she'll get 10 weeks of free time.  She hopes I'll like her card.  I do!

The stamp that she used is very unusual.  It looks like a Jack O'Lantern.  
The eyes, moustache and tie are all stickers on the stamp.  Finnish stamps are so interesting!

Thanks Riina!

Aren't these an interesting group of cards and stamps.  I think they are quite unique in a lot of ways.  Which do you like best?  

I think my favourite stamp is the Halloween one, and I really love the bookstore card.  The old typewriter is very close behind it in my mind though.  

Until next time!


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

The worm in the upper right corner is Richard Scarry's Lowly Worm. My brother loved those books when he was a kid.
The book below the Moomin book looks like Ed Emberley's Thumbprint drawing book.
I like the pumpkin stamp the best, as I love anything Halloween. How cool is it that they can embellish a stamp themselves? Wish we could do that too!

Helen said...

Ah! Mystery solved! I'm so glad. I haven't been close to children's lit for so long that I wouldn't know. Thank you for the other ones too.

I know, I just loved that stamp. I haven't seen one quite like it before.

Thanks for writing today :-)