July 14, 2013

Sunday - Rainy!

A good day.  Yesterday was good too.

On Saturday, F did a few things for his mother, I watched Gilmore Girls and in the afternoon the two of us drove over to Sakata for the party.  We got there early, so we had a chance to chill before the party.  

I wasn't sure that I'd have a good time last night, but I did.  I met up with some people I knew, had some good food, went to karaoke and even got to bed a little earlier than usual! I enjoyed myself, and so did F.  

This morning, we had breakfast in the hotel around 8:30, went back to the room to get ready to leave, and then checked out at 10:00am.  We went over to the Domon Ken Museum.  At first, we were just going to see the grounds, so we walked around the lake there.  They are famous for their hydrangeas, so I took a few pictures for you all.  I hope you like them.

Scarily hungry Koi!

Frame style Hydrangeas

F, cap in hand, with pretty flowers

As I wanted a few postcards, we went through the museum and saw the exhibits.  The museum is dedicated to the work of Domon Ken, a famous Japanese photographer who was born in Sakata city.  It only shows his work. It may be the only museum dedicated to the work of one photographer.  I've never really gotten his work before if I'm honest.  Yes, he was a good technician, but taking pictures of statues…is that art?  We saw some of his other work today too, and I liked it much better.  I got a few postcards, as did F, so we were both happy.

Afterwards, we headed over to the port so we could go to the "New and Improved" restaurant.  Well, it was so busy that we had to wait an hour just to get into the restaurant. When we saw the line I said to F, "You don't seriously want to wait, do you?" but he said he did.  We did.  I never need to go there again.  As almost everything was sold out, and I had no *&;^%*ing idea what WAS available, I ended up having only sashimi, while F had a full meal.  He loved it, and I managed to keep my mouth shut and let him enjoy it.  Seriously, they had food that I would have liked, at least other people were eating nice things, but I wasn't given them as an option.  Sigh. My sashimi was good, but not worth the wait. 

After that 2 hour waste of time, F then decided that we should waste even more time, so he suggested going to the Internet Cafe in Sakata.  I tried to remind him about the movie around 5 pm in Mikawa, but he didn't care.  We went to the internet cafe for 3 hours.  I finished watching Camelot and then went to sleep.  On purpose.  Oh yes, we squeaked in just before the end of their lunchtime, so I ordered a lunch for myself too! 

We left when our 3 hours were up and did a little shopping then headed out to Mikawa.  We checked for movies, but we missed all the ones we hadn't seen, so came back to Tsuruoka and had dinner.  

After that, we came home and tried to watch TV, but the storm knocked out our reception, so that was a bust.  

Anyway, despite how I sound, I did have a good couple of days with my guy and it was fun to get away, even if it was only to the next city over!  Night!

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