July 15, 2013

Monday - Sunny and cooler

A lazy day.

I woke up this morning but F was doing some work in the living room and I had promised not to bother him.  I went back to sleep for a while. 

I eventually got up and we talked about going out for lunch, but never did.  We had some of F's bread that he had made and then we didn't need lunch.  

I spent half of the afternoon in front of my computer being very quiet.  I couldn't stay awake, so I tried to take a nap, but then couldn't fall asleep.  

In the evening when it was time for dinner we decided to go out.  I asked for Simon.  It's a Japanese-French fusion restaurant.  It was a little bit more than our budget was, BUT it was good and F didn't fight about it! 

We both had the same thing there, pork in a tomato vegetable sauce.  The sauce had lots of beans in it and was really nice.  I'm not big on tomato sauce due to my allergy, but it hasn't bothered me much tonight.  Yay.  We had some seafood with our meal, and even got dessert plus coffee or tea too.  The meal was only slightly over-budget too, so I say the extra 400 yen was totally worth it!

We got a few necessities at a drug store, then hit up the grocery store.  I was going to buy the ingredients for dinner, but F doesn't want to be home tomorrow night.  It's a long story and it isn't mine to tell, but he's avoiding someone.  That means we'll likely be wasting time at the internet cafe tomorrow night.  BOO!   Still, if it's cool there I might not mind!

I watched a bit of TV when we came back, but as F had papers EVERYWHERE on the chesterfield, I decided to stay at my computer and crochet.  I got quite a bit done, and I didn't sweat on the couch like usual.  Maybe a win-win situation?  

That's about it for me.  I'm not sure what I'll get up to tomorrow.  You'll just have to come back and find out for yourself! Night.

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