July 16, 2013

Tuesday - Sunny!  Warm

A good day really.

I got up rather early for a change and stayed up.  I spent some lovely computer time and then took a shower.  I got to watch the last episode of The Good Wife repeat, and later on some other TV.  

Between last night and this afternoon I wrote up 4 postcrossing cards.  Unusually, they were all going to males.  I stamped them, scanned them and then ran them out to the post office.  When I came back to the apartment I realized that I'd worn my shirt outside in, but it wasn't really apparent!  It has stitching on it that is the same on both sides, and I took the tag off ages ago as it irritated my neck.  Still, it was a tad embarrassing!

F came home soon after, took a quick shower and then zoomed me away for a sushi dinner.  After that, we went to…the Internet Cafe.  Sigh.  But…I had a plan.  I decided not to go to the massaging chairs part.  I decided to go to the area with reclining chairs and do a few things on line.  However, the computer that I was using was Windows, and the keyboard was old and clunky.  It didn't recognize my touch-typing so I was having to do a lot by the "hunt and peck" method which is sooo slow.  Basically, I didn't get the amount of things done that I wanted, but I did get my postcrossing blog entry done.  Yay.  I also tried to do some crochet, but wasn't able to print out a pattern so didn't do that either.  I chucked it all after a while and watched a bit of a bad movie but left before it was finished.  And didn't mind leaving!

We left just after 10 pm and went to the grocery store for a few last minute eats.  We came home, ate, I watched The Following and chatted a bit with my DH.  We had a nice time together.  

Tomorrow I'm not really sure what I'll get up to.  I hope that if the weather holds I'll go out, but who knows.  Come back tomorrow night and see what I get up to!  Night.


Crafty Tokyo Mama said...

At Kyoto Takashimaya last month, an elderly lady standing on the escalator in front of us had her blouse on inside-out. I debated whether to tell her or not as we followed her down five flights. What would you have done? I ended up not saying anything. If it had been me, I would want someone to say something. Sometimes it is hard to say things as a foreigner.

Today in Kyoto someone had left their wallet wide open in their front bicycle basket at a supermarket. I assume it had fallen out of her purse and opened naturally. I was with two other foreigners and we all wanted to help this unknown person. One of the ladies had a small gray plastic bag with her, so she wrapped up the wallet and hung it on the handlebars between the basket and the bike frame, kind of hiding it as best she could. It was a great solution.

Helen said...

I think I'd like to know about my shirt, particularly if there was somewhere I could go to change it the right way around! If someone had told me at the post office, I would have had to come home anyway as I couldn't change it there!

The money one is a bit scary, isn't it? I found a wallet in a toilet room once in the mall. It was on a ledge. I took it out to my husband, and we took it to a store clerk. I actually don't know what happened after that. I just thought if I left it I wouldn't have any idea if the next person would return it or not.

If I was alone, I might have left it where it was.... :-(