July 2, 2013

Tuesday - Hot, humid and rainy

An okay day. I got up came through to the living room and finished reading my novel…Felix Francis taking over from Dick Francis-Gamble.  It was okay.  

I had a quiet day.  F came home for lunch, wolfed it down and then left in abut 10 minutes flat.  I was going to go out, but when I was going to get ready, realized it was torrentially raining outside. It sounded like hail, it was so sudden.  I had a quiet rest of afternoon.

F came home at the usual time and told me he had taken tomorrow off.  Oh yay.  He is going to be doing some work for the apartment building apparently.  We also worked on getting my internet account moved over to his name.  Not sure if we managed or not. I hope so!

Then it was time to go out, but someone was being grumpy about places.  I suggested a place, then when we got about halfway there, F said that he wasn't going to eat anything.  I was not very polite when I swore at him and told him not to bother going there then.  We arrived and I asked him if he'd eat with me.  He said no.  So, I said no.  After some driving around he took me to a Chinese restaurant.  He had his ramen and I had some vegetable/seafood/meat dish that wasn't very good.  
We came home.  He went to bed, then got back up again and took up the couch.  I asked for my corner, he went to bed.  

I get to have him home tomorrow too.  I'm so excited.  Night. 

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