July 21, 2013

Sunday - Sunny but muggy, a few clouds

A good day.

I went to bed late this morning/last night, I don't think F went to bed at all.  He said he napped on the couch a bit, but I'm not so sure!

I got up around 11, the same time F went to bed for a nap.  I spent a bit of time on my computer and then took a nap too.  We slept for a bit, but got up and went out for sushi finally.  We went to the far away keitensushi place.  It was good, but I wasn't very hungry.  It's a bit sad actually, as the food was good.

After the movie we didn't know what to do, so F drove us out to the mall.  We finally decided to go and see a movie, so we spent a bit of time in the mall.  F bought himself some clothes, I drooled over some yarn, but didn't buy any.  I did get some new socks though.  

We had Java Kulas at Seattle's Best, mine was a fruit one and was nice.  Then, we went upstairs to see Fast & Furious 6.  I was expecting to hate it, but to be honest, I thought it was a lot of fun!  Obviously, not a deep, must see movie, but as there was nothing else in English at the cinema that we hadn't already seen, it was cool.  I laughed a lot at it, F napped on and off!

After the movie we drove back to Tsuruoka and picked up a few things at the grocery store.  F got some unagi and I got some kim chee beef, which was better than it sounds.  We came home and ate.  

F had a fairly early night tonight, and I should try and get some sleep soon too.  It was a surprisingly fun day. Night!

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