July 24, 2013

Wednesday - Rainy

A good, quiet day.

I got up this morning, relaxed for a while and watched a bit of TV.  F called to say he was coming home for lunch so I showered before he did.  

He came home with a bento. He brought me some food even though I didn't want any. It's still in the fridge!

In the afternoon, I scanned some of the cards that I was sending, I sent a lot of emails and then I decided I'd better take my cards to the post office. I wore some older clothes that I didn't mind getting wet, my lovely rain cape, and set off on my bike.  It didn't take long to get to the mail box, but the rain had me rather wet before I got back.  My knees and hands were the worst.  

F had his meeting tonight, so he came home from work and almost immediately left again.  I think it went okay.  He came back a couple of hours later, glad that it was all done, except now he has to do a report about it.  

When he came home I suggested going out to Fireball for dinner.  It was a good choice.  We had a couple of yummy kinds of pasta.  We had kampachi and fresh tomatoes in cold spaghetti, and clams and broccoli in a butter sauce pasta.  Both were very nice.  We hadn't really planned to have two seafood dishes, but they were out of the meat one we ordered.  Still, we were both happy with our meals.  

After dinner we came home and after a nice few minutes, F started working on his report.  I was crocheting on the couch next to him and made the mistake of talking to him.  I got grumped about, so I left the couch in a huff and went back to my computer chair where I started a new project, a doily.  Oh, yes, I finished my baby blanket.  I shall have to try to post a photo or two tomorrow night.  Remind me, eh!

That's about it for me really.  F was really quiet, but I stopped being mad at him a while ago.  However I do wish he would remember how annoying it is to have someone interrupt you when I am writing my next column!  He won't though.  Got to go.  Night!

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