July 25, 2013

Thursday - Clear most of the day, thunder and strong rain at night

A good day.

I got up at a reasonable time today, watched some telly, ate some yogurt.  The usual.  F called and asked me to go and have lunch with him.  I wasn't really wanting too, but then decided to go.  We went to the Chinese restaurant, but they were really busy today.  Poor F didn't order a special so he had to slurp up his noodles in a scant 10 minutes.  He was still finished faster than me though!

In the afternoon I wrote some email, watched some TV and then decided to go out for a bit.  It wasn't raining and that was a huge factor for me.  I went to the bank machine and updated my books, then to the craft shop.  I didn't buy anything, but had a good snoop. I went to the drugstore too, bought a couple of things and then came home.  

I walked in the door and my cellphone started to ring. It was F, telling me he was on his way home.  That wasn't a bad thing, it's just that he proceeded to pocket-dial me twice more.  There is nothing more irritating than having your phone ring halfway across the apartment and then have no-one on the line when you answer it!

I took some photos of the baby's blanket that I just finished, and uploaded them to my computer.  I think the blanket turned out rather well.  I am quite pleased with it.  I also took pictures of the two crochet threads I bought recently and the doily that I started last night.  I uploaded them to Ravelry and some to Facebook.
Granny Waves Baby Blanket


Rising Sun Doily

F and I went out for dinner.  We were going to go to Bikkuri Donkey, but when we got there it was busy and we'd have to wait.  We decided to go to Cafe Framboise instead.  We did and had a yummy meal there.  I had beef and rice pilaff, F had the Japanese set menu.  

We bought a few groceries afterwards.  It was fun getting into the grocery store as it was pouring.  The rain was really strong, and there was lightning too.  When we came out of the store, the storm was over.  Whew!  

We had a quiet evening.  F watched YouTube and I watched TV and crocheted.  I sent some email,  the usual basically.  

Tomorrow night, F has a party after work, which means that I'll likely have a free day until his party is over.  I don't think I'll get into any mischief, but you never know!  Come on back and find out what happens.  Night.


Rosa said...

Nice baby blanket! Really like the graphic colors and pattern. And you finished it just in time to send it off to Prince George! Good timing!

Helen said...

Thank you!
And...umm, I probably won't send it for the royal baby, I expect they have enough blankets for George already :-)

This one is earmarked for F's nephew's son, we don't even know his name though...F didn't ask!!!

Vicky said...

That's a really great blanket for a newborn, they are said to love high contrast patterns. Very stylish too. I think I shall attempt a granny ripple next.....

I love the doily thread - can you take a photo of the package too? Did you get it here?

Helen said...

Thanks Vicky! I hope the baby will like it. I have to package it up for him soon.

The doily...I'm doing this as a practice....yes, I got it here....you'll laugh when I tell you...it's from Daiso, the hundred yen shop! It's their cotton lace yarn in the rainbow colour! I have a picture of it up on Ravelry.com...have you joined yet?