July 26, 2013

Friday - Sunny, humid and hot

A good day.  

I got up a bit late today, and wasn't fully awake until I realized that F was back in the apartment.  Since he wasn't supposed to be back until late, I was quite surprised.  He left again (He was just picking up something he forgot.) I got up and on with my day.

I had a quiet day, I did 3 Postcrossings in the afternoon, scanned the cards and took them to the post office, later than I usually would. 

F came home after 9.  I was watching Cave of Forgotten Dreams which is a film that I actually wish I could have watched in 3-D.  It was a Werner Herzog film about a cave in France and the amazing paintings on the walls.  F watched a bit of it with me.

F went to bed after a little while and is still there.  He will have to go and pick up his car in the morning.  I watched even more TV and vegged a bit.  I am going to try and go to bed soon as I'm not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow.

That's it for me.  Night.

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