July 4, 2013

Thursday - Hot and sunny, with thunderstorms

An okay day.

I got up this morning and had breakfast, read the paper, relaxed a bit.  In the afternoon I ended up watching a strange but kind of cool little movie called Jeff, Who Lives at Home.  It had a complex little story and was a semi-comedy/drama.  I thought it was quite good.  

I scanned my postcards and then ran them over to the post office.  I also did a bit of a clean up in my corner.  That's got to be finished tomorrow.  Eventually I want to put some of the furniture from my school there, so that I'll have some place to put the mounds of books that I own.  

F called me at 5:15 and I was ready to go, he came by a few minutes later and instead of heading over to the car dealership, went to pick up his computer which he'd left at work.  He then proceeded to take the long way round to the garage.  He was having his brakes fixed today, but couldn't remember what time he'd made the appointment for.  Well, we got there at 6:15-ish, and he'd made the appointment for 5:30.  Good one dear.  Anyway, as always, the dealership was very nice.  I'd have sent him packing, but they didn't.  They served us drinks, F watched stuff on his iPhone and I tried to read through a cooking magazine.  I did fairly well too, I just asked F about one phrase I didn't know.  Of course, I couldn't read how to make the dishes, but I could figure out the ingredients, more or less!

After they fixed the car brakes, we went to Cocos next to the dealership for dinner.  F wasn't too pleased, but that was what he had planned from the beginning so….?  We both had curry, just different kinds.  I liked it. 

After dinner, we went for a long pointless drive, ostensibly to show me the night view of  Tsuruoka from the mountain nearby, but really to keep F away from our apartment.  

We stopped and had some tea at Mr Donuts but F didn't talk to me at all, he just played with his phone.  This one is worse than his last one.  

We finally came home via a convenience store to get me some chocolate.  I had a quiet evening at home, and even wore headphones tonight so that I wouldn't disturb F.  Unfortunately, he's having a bad night and isn't sleeping so he's disturbing ME!  Poor thing.  

That's it for me.  Tomorrow, I have no idea what I'll get up to. It does depend on the weather somewhat.  Night.

(Posted later than usual due to internet problems last night.)

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