July 7, 2013

Sunday - Tanabata - Cloudy and humid

An okay day.

I got up this morning, barely.  It was too hot and sticky, so I hadn't slept that well.  Got up, went back to bed a few minutes later. Got up again and had a fight with my husband.  Grr.  

We went for lunch to the Grand El Son and it was lovely.  Their food is small, but today they had a drink bar and a salad bar available.  Their salad bar on the weekend has lots of yummy things like sautéd mushrooms and roasted eggplant. I had local pork with spicy apple jam, F had fish.  I think I won!

After lunch we did a little shopping around town.  F took me to a clothing store and I tried on a few things.  I only liked one thing, and I got it! It's a sleeveless cardigan, a bit like a vest.  It's a bit funky, not my usual thing.  

After a quick trip home to pick up F's cell phone, we headed over to the internet cafe, and that's where we spent the rest of the day.  From 5 until 11 pm.  Yup.  That's it.  I watched 4 episodes of Camelot, so I enjoyed myself at least, but it was a bit hot.  The massaging chairs are pleather so they get hot and sticky after a while.  

We came home afterwards, and relaxed a little bit.  F set up the breadmaker for the morning and I watched a little telly.  That's it.  

Don't have any plans yet for tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be able to get up to something exciting.  That's it for me.  Night!


Anonymous said...

You make the massage chairs in the club you go to sound like a great place to relax. I am thinking of joining the local branch here.

Helen said...

They are actually! If you are thinking of the same place, they have free drinks (non alcohol of course), plus you can use the computer for free. (windows Boo!)

Many of the movies on their cinema channel are dubbed into Japanese which is a sad thing. There are a few which aren't, so it is nice to catch up with them.