July 9, 2013

Tuesday - Rainy, muggy and hot

Not a great day.  I got up at a good time this morning, made the bed, did some laundry, had breakfast and read the newspaper.  I missed watching The Good Wife though, forgot it was on today.  

I was enjoying myself in the afternoon, watching a show with Benedict Cumberbatch in it, making a sandwich and congratulating myself on F not having showed up today, when he showed up.  Sigh.  I don't know what the purpose was.  He keeps doing it, and I really wish he wouldn't.  I feel like I'm being checked up on.  

He left and then I got on with my stuff.  I washed the dishes that have been piling up over the last few days, never enough to wash by themselves, cleared and set the table, washed the tomatoes, and sliced the zucchini.  F called to say he was going to be late as he had to visit his mother.  I relaxed for a bit, watched ER and then after 7:30 sent him a text to see if things were okay.  He'd been there for 2 hours and usually he doesn't like to stay that long. He called back to say he was nearly done and would be home soon.

He came home, just as I was kicking dinner prep into higher gear.  We ended up having a disagreement over how much gnocchi I should cook, so he grandiosely announced he wouldn't eat anything, took a shower and went to bed.  Where he's stayed. 

I cooked all the gnocchi, had my share with some chicken, salad and fried zucchini.  It was great.  Someone missed a nice meal.  Too bad for him.  I washed all the dishes afterwards and cleaned up.  

I spent a few hours on my computer but at 11 I went over to the couch to watch The Following, the new Kevin Bacon show.  Wow.  It has definite possibilities.  I rather liked it, when I wasn't being freaked out by it! I did a lot of crochet too. I even started the third ball of cream yarn, so I can say that I am well past halfway done.  Sizewise, I'm close, to being done, but I'd like to do an edging all around the blanket too.  

Anyway, that's it for me for tonight.  It was a mostly good day, just too bad that someone decided to be a nitwit.  Got to go.  Night.


Rosa said...

Oh, was my boyfriend Benedict on TV again? He never mentions his appearances to me! ;)

F must get stressed going to see his mama, no? I mean, stressed enough to pick a gnocchi fight is pretty stressed!

Helen said...

It was a British mini-series called Parade's End. I like it, I think the rest of it will be on today.

You know, I never even thought he might be stressed about seeing his mother, I thought he was just being a jerk. I'm now trying to decide which it was, so thanks for the other perspective!