Postcrossing Incoming to July 25, 2013

Postcrossing Incoming to July 25, 2013

This is a nice group of cards that I have to show you today.  I've been receiving a lot of cards recently, so look for another entry, hopefully coming your way soon!

This card may not look like it was scanned properly, but it is a 3 D card.  It's a little hard to scan it, but you can see the results below.  It shows a whole apple, and the apple core.  Cool!

Anke sent the card from Germany where she lives with her husband and two children and dog and cat.  She sends her greetings.

I received this card from Poland.  It was sent by a 10 year old girl who likes swimming, dancing and reading Harry Potter. She loves music by Michael Jackson and Maroon 5.
Old Books

This card was sent from Belarus by a woman who says she likes books more than movies.  She said she liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movie and immediately read the entire trilogy and remained in awe.  I loved the books too, I read them before I saw the US movie.
Apalinary Harauski 1833-1900
Evening in Minsk Guberniya. 1870-s

Carole from the US wrote my next card and notes that I've made a big cultural and lifestyle change in coming to Japan.  

She sent a card connected to the Trapp Family from The Sound of Music. She visited this place last year and writes that it is quite spectacular to see.

Her own work has taken her into many different walks of life too, so I believe we both have made some lifestyle changes!
Original Trapp Family Lodge; Stowe

My last card today is a yummy looking breakfast (I think) from France.

Loralys writes that she just tried acupuncture to fight against some bad headaches she's been having.  She also says that she likes Japanese Literature.  I haven't read much of it to be honest.


There you are, 5 great cards.  They were sent by a wide range of people and I like all of them.  Which one or ones do you like best?

Until next time!

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