August 1, 2013

Thursday - Cloudy but not rainy, humid

A good day. I got up on time this morning, watched a couple of things on TV and then took my shower.  I had a lovely morning and afternoon.

I watched Heartland and enjoyed that, then scanned a lot of cards, both incoming and outgoing.  I watched Drive, which I had taped last night.  It was good, but very violent. 

F came home a bit late again.  He got into some of his apartment stuff and then popped out again.  He came home soon after and we went out for dinner.  We decided on Moku-Moku and both had the same thing, cold pasta.  It was really nice and refreshing.  

We bought things for dinner tomorrow night and came home.  I watched Desperate Housewives and enjoyed it, then F went off to bed.  In the time since then I have written some email, a postcrossing card and watched the end of Conan the Destroyer.  I'm now on a new version of Conan which is all sword and sorcery.  I love schlocky movies like that, always have!

So that was it.  A quiet day, but a nice one.  I even got a bit of crochet done today.  Hurray for that.  Gotta go.  Night!

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