August 12, 2013

Monday - Hot, sunny and humid

A good day.  I did get up a little late this morning, but when I did I took a shower.  F and I had some bread and then we went out.  

We hit up City Hall first to see about getting the new Juki cards.  We each got one.  I wanted one that showed my name without my middle name.  Here in Japan when you have a middle name, they don't know what to do with it and they smoosh it into your first name.  The workers at City Hall hadn't really heard about using nicknames, but we all stuck it out and finally I was able to get a card that shows both my full name and my usual name.  Woot.  

We left in the middle to give them time to make the cards and then had lunch.  We also went to the main post office to pick up some more postcards.  Lunch was good, we went to S'kase and I had the dadacha-mame pasta with salad. I added on tea and dessert too.  F had udon and sushi and liked his.  

We picked up our cards and then went driving.  F took us up to Mt. Haguro area, and we even went up to the shrine at the top of the mountain.  I had forgotten how beautiful it is up there.  Really gorgeous.  We walked around, I bought more postcards and then we drove back to Tsuruoka.  

F went to take his mother shopping, but she'd already gone by herself.  He's going to take her tomorrow for the heavy stuff.

We left our apartment around 7 and went for tonkatsu to the big restaurant.  They were really busy tonight and there were too many people waiting in front of us.  I suggested another place that does tonkatsu, a one man show kind of place.  We went there, and got right in.  He made the tonkatsu right in front of us and it was very good.  We finished our yummy meal and then we left.

We went to Machi-Kine to see Quartet.  It is a little movie directed by Dustin Hoffman and starring Pauline Collins, Maggie Smith, Tom Courtenay and Billy Connolly.  It was a lovely little movie about retired musicians.  The main cast were all former singers in the movie and were quite wonderful in their parts.  We both really enjoyed the movie.

We bought a few groceries after the movie and came home.  F made bread and took a shower, I blogged, did a little crochet and relaxed.  

I had a great day.  It was quite relaxing for a change and yet we got a few necessary things done. Tomorrow I'm going to write some more of my column and hopefully get it done.  Wish me luck with that!  Night.

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