August 16, 2013

Friday - Hot

Today started a little oddly for me.  The phone rang at 8:15 and it was for me!  One of the ladies in my area called me to talk.  Of course, she woke me up, but we chatted for a few minutes.

I passed on the message from her to some of the internet groups I belong to, and then I went back to bed. I didn't manage to sleep really, and then got up later when my alarms rang.

I had a quiet day at home. I never went out, didn't really even think about it.  I finished my column and that took a bit of work, and emailed it off to the Journal Editor.  I knew that I wouldn't get much chance to do it this weekend.  

I ate a very, very late lunch around 5, just before F came home.  It was rather a good thing I did, because F came home around 6 and proceeded to make himself noodles and go to bed.  It is now almost 3 am and he's still there.  In all fairness, I went for a couple hours nap, but I got up afterwards.  

The original plan was to go to a flea market that was supposed to be set up tonight and do a little strolling around.  However, that didn't happen.  Sigh.  Tomorrow night the fireworks are in Tsuruoka, but I'm not sure if we'll be going off to watch them or not.  

I'll likely go to bed in a few minutes.  I spent the evening watching TV and writing up my blog entries for my Postcrossing cards.  That's it for me for today.  Night!

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