August 17, 2013

Saturday - Warm and sunny


I got up late this morning.  Gilmore Girls weren't on and I went to bed late, so….  When I did get up, we talked for a bit and then went out for lunch.  F and I went to Grado and had a lovely lunch.  I had chicken, F fish.  

In the afternoon, we spent quite a bit of time at the Internet Cafe.  F got a massaging chair, I waited in an office for a while and then got my own massaging chair.  I watched a Jean Claude Van Damme movie, it was terrible, but I enjoyed it anyway!  I was watching a better movie when we had to leave.  

We went to S-mall and spent a frustrating hour just wandering around not really knowing what we were doing.  The fireworks started at 7 and finally, after buying drinks we went upstairs.  We discovered that there were tarps put down on the concrete already, but it was crowded.  F found us places to sit and that was nice.  We were able to see the fireworks, but there was a stair-house in the way.  People had their kids there and the kids were running around being kids so it wasn't really great to go there.  Still, it was nice and it was nice to hear the fireworks, since that is a big part of them for me.  

After the fireworks, we went to Gusto for a late meal.  We both had cold noodles, tan-tan men.  They are quite spicy…after I'd mixed the noodles F mentioned that I could take off the red "stuff" to make the dish less spicy. Bad timing.  Then, I was eating them and managed to splash myself in the eye with the spicy soup.  Ouch.  I had to go to the washroom and try to rinse my eye.  When I came back and ate more of my noodles, I got sauce all over my brand new white shirt.  Sigh.  

When we arrived home, I stripped off my shirt and put it and a few other things in the washing machine to get them all done at once.  I pretreated the shirt and it looks like I might have got the stains out.  Finger crossed.  However, when I started to hang up my clothes on my drying rack, it broke.  I had clothes everywhere.  It had been threatening for a while, but now I'll have to get another one.  Sigh.  So, then, I had to find places to put all the clothes that were on it, except I can't as I can't get into my wardrobe right now.  It takes a few steps and it was midnight.  

I did put away some of my clothes, but some I need to hang up later. 

Anyway, my day started well, but ended badly-ish.  I should get to bed fairly soon.  I'd like us to go to see Star Trek tomorrow, but I'm not completely sure that it is playing in English or not.  Hopefully, it will be.  I want to see Benedict! And that's it for me.  I have to go.  Night!

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